Marry Xmas Smileys

Here is a great site that got tons of Xmas smileys:



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Earth, our blue planet

This Earth Icon rocks!

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Love Emoticons

Hi Everyone,

We added a new category of emoticons – love emoticons!

Here are a few samples:

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More Glitters

We just added more glitters, you can download glitters here

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Glitters – New Category added

We added a new category of smileys you can share and send to your friends for free! It is called glitters, and here are a few:

More Free Glitters Coming soon

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New Celebrity Emoticons

Hi Every one, I just finished adding a few celebrity emoticons to the site! you can download all of them for free, of course, enjoy!


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More Celebrities Icons

Hi Everyone, thank you for all the great comments you sent us and requests for more celebrity icons and celebrity emoticons. So here are more celebrity icons for you!

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Celebrity Smileys & Emoticons are Awsome!

Hi Everyone, we got the most amazing celebrity emoticons for Instant messenger such as ICQ, MSN Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger and Facebook!

Feel free do get free rocking smileys download

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Funny emoticons are the most popular free emoticons!

I was wondering which emoticons are the most popular? After going through many smiley web sites,

The answer is very simple – Funny emoticons

So what is a funny emoticons? I think I have a few samples here:

funny toothless emoticon

tongue out emoticon

Very funny scream emoticon

funny boiling heart emoticon

Spider-man Emoticon

I think these emoticons are very funny!  Here is the  complete list of funny emoticons simply. And finally, all of these emoticons are free to download


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How do I add smileys and emoticons to my email?

Many people find emails are boring without emoticons. Sometimes a nice texticon

or a shy emoticon makes the difference between being sorry and being forgiven!

So how do we add these cool features into an email message? How do we get them without paying?

Here is what you need to do:

click here for a free rocking smileys download

Follow the install wizard and complete the instalation

Once your browser restarts, you will notice a new toolbar with a red monkey

click on the small yellow smiley and a window full of smileys will open!

Click here to see screen shots of the smiley toolbar

Log into your email provider, like Hotmail, Gmail, Y! mail and simply

click on the toolbar, then click on any emoticon or smiley and it will be added

to your email!


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